Soyoung L. Kim (she/her)

Soyoung L Kim is an interdisciplinary artist work blends several practices, including painting, sculpture, writing, stop motion animation, and performance. Being Gyopo, the Korean diaspora, allows her to move freely across artistic disciplines to create new works that blend those disciplines and to break those boundaries. Her work is influenced by her childhood and the many stories she gathered over the three continents she has called home. As a young girl growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, she listened to her parents tell Korean folktales, as well as stories about the struggles of the Korean people. She was shaped by the harsh beauty of the Kenyan landscape and the stories of the Kenyan people’s fight for independence. These experiences and stories inform her work that aims to transport us to a place of liberation, where we are free from colonization and the burdens of racism, fear and hate.